Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association

Founded in the 1850s, the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association (MVLA) was the first national historic preservation organization in the United States. It is steeped in tradition while embracing the latest in preservation technology and techniques.

Vice Regents wear a special pin which is passed down to successive Vice Regents from generation to generation.

The original digitization of the seal, based on the pin, was poorly executed in a raster format. With the help of vector artist Ken Batelman, I re-envisioned the official seal, producing versions for full-color, reduced-color, and reduced sizes as well as tying it more directly to the Mount Vernon brand.

The MVLA exhibit can be seen in the executive wing of Mount Vernon's administrative building.

Art Direction & Design: Rebekah Hanover Pettit
Illustration: Ken Batelman

seal variations
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